Vocational Programs


The students of South Shore Vocational Technical High School earn a regular high school diploma and a technical performance certificate attesting to the student’s competency in their area of vocational training:

Developing workplace readiness skills is the backbone of South Shore Vocational Technical High School. Every SSVT graduate has employable knowledge and hands-on training that is highly sought after by hiring managers. Throughout technical shops and related classrooms, students acquire an understanding of their specific career field unparalleled at traditional high schools.

All freshmen students participate in a comprehensive exploratory program. Exploratory provides students an insight into a variety of technical aspects designed to enhance a student’s ability to make an informed decision regarding their technical career path.

Gain Experience. Earn College Credit

Professional experiences pay off. Qualifying seniors may be eligible to participate in a Cooperative Education placement in the career field they are studying. Co-op students receive course credit while working directly with an approved employer in their trade area. Also, graduating students may be eligible to earn corresponding, or “articulated,” credit at participating higher education institutions.