Student Council

Class of 2019

Position Name
Student Representative Cody Campbell
President Alexis Burke
Vice President Brooke King
Class Representative Joseph Blanchette

Class of 2020

Position Name
President Ryan Mahoney
Vice President Emily Ingram
Class Representative Jeremy Driscoll
Class Representative Nicoly Lima
Class Representative Dianna Barzey
Class Representative Erik Fredricks

Class of 2021

Position Name
President Audrey Manning
Vice President Elizabeth Enman
Class Representative Ashling O’Riordan
Class Representative Jack Kelleher

Class of 2022

Position Name
President Gabriel Freitas
Vice President TBA
Class Representative Cameron Kearns

The S.S.V.T. Student Council goals are:

  • To promote communication between the administration and the student body
  • To inform the administration and staff about the student body’s activities, interests and concerns
  • To advise the administration as part of its decision-making process
  • To initiate and present proposals to the administration about issues important to the student body
  • To teach the dynamics of a student run organization
  • To promote the concepts of democratic decision making in the student body
  • To prepare students for increasing leadership responsibilities
  • To increase student body participation in school functions and community involvement
  • To be truly representative of the entire student body