SST Engineering Camp

July 8-12, 8:00 AM-12:00PM

The Robot Games

Cost: $125 (Snack Provided)

Grade: Incoming 6-8 Grades

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The Robot Games

Learn how to build and control robotic creations that will compete against others in robotic competition!  In this course students will learn how to integrate mechanical, electrical and computer components in order to create robots that pick up, shoot, swat and push objects around a robotics course.  Additionally students will use 3D printers and laser engravers to add to their creations.

About the Instructor

Jerry Shaw is the lead engineering teacher and curriculum developer at SSVT. He is also active in creating, teaching and adapting innovative curriculum with several organizations at the Junior High and High School level including:

i2 Learning Programs
Harvard University’s Wyss Institute
Boston STEM Week
FormLabs 3D Printers
Somerville High School’s FabLab

Previous to teaching he served as an engineer in the nuclear power and data center industries.