Services for the Public

services for the public

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Automotive Technology

Appointments Required Contact Mr. Hennessy | 781-878-2277

Open to the public that reside and have their vehicles registered within the 8 supporting communities. (Abington, Cohasset, Hanover, Hanson, Norwell, Rockland, Scituate, Whitman) The Automotive department works on all makes and models. The vehicle must be 10 years old or newer. We accept cars in good physical condition, no rusted or body damaged vehicles. If we buy the parts at cost the parts are marked up 10%. Customers can supply their own parts to us for the work to be performed. Labor charge is the state of Massachusetts minimum wage. Please remember, this is a classroom, not a commercial garage, insurance does not allow customers to wait in shop for repairs. Hazardous waste, shop environmental charges apply. The students will perform all repairs and will be supervised by A.S.E master automotive certified instructors.

Repairs include:

  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Tune up
  • Transmission
  • Tires
  • Tire balancing
  • Alignment
  • Check engine light diagnoses
  • Preventative maintenance

The Brass Lantern Restaurant

Call: 781-499-7448

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11:15am – 1:15pm (last seating is 1:00pm)

Our culinary students run a full service restaurant and bakery open to the public. You may locate the menu and schedule here. We appreciate your support!


Contact: Mr. Mariani | 781-878-3968 ext. 425

Services include:

  • Additions to existing homes
  • Sheds
  • Outbuildings
  • Decks
  • New building construction

All projects are priced to plans and specifications supplied by the owner after initial deposit is made. All job requests are subject to Superintendent Approval.

Graphic Communication

Contact: Mrs. Rutkowski | 781-878-3968 ext. 438

Services include:

  • Business cards
  • Menus
  • Company letterhead
  • Pamphlets
  • Booklets
  • Programs

Studio B

Contact: Mrs. Darling | 781-878-7421

Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 11:00am Chemical Services and “Days of Beauty” must be in by 8:30 AM. Reservations are encouraged.

This full service salon is run by our students. For more information about Studio B visit our webpage.

Services include:

  • Haircuts
  • Coloring
  • Manicures
  • Facials
  • Perms