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Virtual Orientation Information

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Exploratory Bundle

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South Shore Technical uses Powerschool as our Student Information System (SIS). Powerschool stores our student grades, forms, and a variety of other important information for you and your student. Below are some links to help you get started.

Here is our Powerschool Log in Page:

If you forgot your Password or Username use this link:


Our Powerschool District Code is: CLGC

Use this link:

Parent PowerSchool accounts would have been created during the admissions process. If you need to create a new Parent account please contact your student’s guidance counselor or email

Powerschool for Parents (video)

Powerschool Mobile App (video)

Academic Schedule

Each freshmen academic day has 4 blocks (80 minute in length)

  • 1 Block of English
  • 1 Block of Math
  • 1 Block of Biology
  • 1 Block of US History
  • 1 Period of Directed Study

Freshmen vocational day involves exploratory rotations, related course work, and one block per week of Wellness and Guidance

Freshmen Exploratory

Students will rotate through seven shops. They will be “scored” not “graded” based on their experiences and participation.

Scoring is based on:

  • student’s average score throughout the exploratory program
  • attendance
  • and discipline

Students will be ranked on a scale of 100 total points. Points and placement will be based on:

  • Overall exploratory score = average shop score minus attendance dates minus discipline hours.
  • The highest ranking student will be placed into their desired program progressing down the list of student’s shops request. If a shop is full (as defined by capacity) and a student (of a lower rank) has requested it, they will be moved to their second or subsequently requested shop.

Grading/Report Cards

Students and parents have full time access to grades through PowerSchool.

SSVT grades on both work habits and achievement.

  • Work Habits might include – attendance, homework, uniform, class participation, teamwork, meeting timelines, safety, etc.
  • Achievements might include – tests, quizzes, projects, essays, labs, etc.
  • In class-room based courses, 80% of the grade is achievement based and 20% is based on work habits.
  • In shop courses, the weight sharing will be 50% for achievement and 50% for work habits.


All effort is made to convey an environment that students that students will see within the workplace. Undue tardies and absences are not acceptable to an employer, nor are they acceptable to the school.

Students must provide proper documentation for the absences. These must be presented to the guidance office within three days of the time out. Excused Absences include:

  • A Doctor’s Note – documenting date(s)
  • A Religious Holiday
  • A Funeral
  • A Court Appearance
  • Driver’s License/Permit Appointment

*A parental note does not constitute an excused absence.

Vocational Instruction cannot be replicated outside of school. Attendance is critical.

Excessive time out of school will be addressed in accordance with the student handbook.

Student Activities & Involvement


  • Sports
    • Fall: Football, Golf, Volleyball, Cross Country, Fall Cheerleading
    • Winter: Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling, Winter Cheerleading
    • Spring: Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Track & Field
  • Students and parents should pay close attention to SSVT’s eligibility requirements for participation in any extracurricular activity
  • Students must have current physical on file with the SSVT nurse. (12 hours)


  • Student Senate – Political Group (rules, etc.)
  • Drama Club – State Drama Guild Comp. (February), Student Production (April)
  • Outdoor Adventure Club
  • Yearbook and Prom Committees
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Anime Club
  • Shop and Academic Clubs


  • New Student Account (Does not transfer)
  • South Shore Regional (Not Hanover Public)
  • Please set up LOW Balance Alert
    • Notification will be sent to email
  • Please have $$ in account on first day
  • There is ABSOLUTELY No charging
    • ($ on account or cash on hand)
  • Free/Reduced Lunch Forms available throughout the year
  • Deborah Beary (781-878-8822 ext. 423)


  • Regular Afternoon Bus Run – 2:30 pm
  • Late Afternoon Bus Run – 4:00 pm
    -Uses generic bus stops. Please refer back Mid-August for for bus route locations.
  • Late Sports Run – Approx. 6:00 pm or after home sporting event.
    – The Away game bus will drop your child off at the late afternoon bus stops after returning to SSVT.
  • SSVT does not monitor student travel after school. Students may and can take any bus after school as long as there is room on the bus (at the driver’s discretion)


Your child’s safety is of paramount importance to everyone at SSVT. Without question, all students are expected to listen and abide by teachers’ instruction and and stated expectations as noted in the handbook. We expect students to adhere to school rules at all times.

Hats and bandanas are not to be visible during the school day (7:40am-2:25pm)
Food can NOT be purchased between classes.
Food and Beverages are not allowed in classrooms. (At the teacher’s discretion)

Knives are considered weapons and not tools

Electronic devices, including cell phones, should be used appropriately at all times. All cell phones will be registered with the school. Inappropriate use can result in loss of internet access or further discipline under the student handbook.

If your child is assigned detention hours he/she is expected to serve them the day they are assigned for.

(Please read the student handbook in its entirety for these and other policies)

Cell Phones: All cell phones will be collected and stored at the beginning of each class/shop. Students will have their phones returned to them at the end of class or at lunch.

Special Education

  • SSVT will receive your child’s most recent IEP or 504 plan and any testing from their sending school
    • You can help quicken this process by contacting your current school and request documentation to be forwarded.
  • SSVT’s Special Education Coordinator, Katherine Berry will contact parents to discuss student’s plan and transition as needed.