Horticulture & Landscape Construction

South Shore Vocational Technical High School is planning to open a new program in Horticulture and Landscape Construction. The program will open in September 2017. Getting a program approved by the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education is a lengthy process involving many people and a lot of data. Two primary requirements of a successful program is that there needs to be a strong labor market demand and strong student interest.

2 Requirements for a successful program

On January 30, SSVT hosted over 30 local employers who expressed enthusiastic agreement that there is a great need for skilled workers. At this meeting, employers advised school staff on equipment priorities, career pathways, and co-op opportunities. The advisors will be invited to meetings in February and March to continue the discussion and meet with officials from the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education.

Horticulture Advisory Breakfast


SSVT Horticulture Presentation | Horticulture State Framework

Please share this with anyone you know in the industry or anyone thinking of applying to SSVT.

For more information on this program, please contact Superintendent-Director Tom Hickey at thickey@ssvotech.org.