Scholarships and Financial Aid

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It is important to note that scholarship and financial aid awards can be used at a variety of institutions; not just traditional four-year colleges. If your goals include trade or technical colleges, scholarships can help you achieve those goals.

2018-2019 Scholarships

Local Scholarships will be posted to this website when available. Please check frequently for new ones. Click on your town to see any scholarships that are specific to residents.

    Recently Added

The below scholarships are available to residents of all towns.

        Helpful Tips:

        • Do NOT miss deadlines!
        • Start your search process as early as possible.
        • You are encouraged to submit your FAFSA as close to October 1 based on estimated tax returns, and update later.
        • Save! Save! Save!
        • Apply for as many scholarships as possible.
        • Save all PIN numbers and passwords.

        Helpful Links:

        Federal Student Aid Center
        Mass Board of Higher Ed
        Massachusetts Scholarships

        For common scams to avoid. Remember, you should never have to pay a fee for scholarship or financial aid information –