Freshmen Exploratory Uniform Procedure

Freshmen Exploratory students must have 100% cotton uniforms for safety purposes

Students are able to purchase their uniforms at the following stores:
Work N’ Gear
Hanover Mall, Hanover, MA

Rockland Athletics
320 Union St., Rockland, MA

FYI: Upper class uniforms will match the colors for their shop. This will make it possible for all students to be in clean shop clothing when involved in all shop activities.

Students must have their names printed or embroidered on the front left of the shirts. Plain blue shirts are NOT acceptable and not considered official uniform.

WORK SHIRT (100% Cotton)

Navy Blue

Will need at least One Long and One Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Precision Machine Technology requires SHORT sleeved t-shirt.

Metal Fab/Welding requires LONG sleeved t-shirt.


Jeans must be 100% cotton Blue or Black


The following shops (Exploratory rotations) require WORK BOOTS: Automotive, Collision Repair Technology, Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC-R, Precision Machine Technology, Metal Fab/Welding.

Headgear (e.g. hat or net) is required in Culinary Arts.

Remember, students need minimum TWO shirts

One long and one short sleeved.

WEARING OF UNIFORMS: Uniforms shall be worn at all times in Exploratory. Uniforms shall be kept neat and clean. Dirty or damaged uniforms do not promote a healthy or safe situation, therefore, students wearing such uniforms will be considered to be out of uniform and receive one hour detention every day until the uniform is cleaned. Students in a dirty uniform are to be disciplined the same day as the students having no uniform.

All Students are expected to be wearing their uniform every day of shop and in every shop