Course Description

Drafting will translate the ideas, rough sketches, specifications, and calculations of engineers, architects and designers into working plans used by skilled craftsmen to build or manufacture a finished product. This program incorporates the field of engineering: architectural drawing and electromechanical drawing. Computer­Aided­Drafting is an essential part of the drafting and design curriculum. When students have acquired knowledge of the drafting principles and standards, they will be taught to generate their drawings with state­-of­-the-­art Computer­-Aided ­Drafting systems.

The Drafting program includes: Orthographic Projection, Dimensioning, Section Views, Isometric Drawing, Perspectives, understanding of Manufacturing and Construction Materials and Processes, Residential Architectural Design, Technical Illustration, Pattern Layout, Computer Aided Drafting, and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.


Jeanne Downey (Dept. Head)
jdowney@ssvotech.org | 781-878-8822 ext. 444
Rob Freitas
rfreitas@ssvotech.org | 781-878-8822 ext. 202

Engineering Academy: The student will be exposed to the engineering design process. In Drafting technical drawings are developed with dimensional information to create parts in Precision Machine Technology that will be combined with Electronic components. Students will learn 2D and 3D Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) using
AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

Skills: ANSI Drafting Standards | Orthographic Projections | Isometric Drawings | Oblique Drawings | Section Drawings | Fastner Methods | AutoCAD | SolidWORKS


Engineering Academy: Engineering fundamentals are further advanced by using CAD models to develop a working prototype using applied mathematics and science principles. The students employ real life skills by collaborating in teams to design and develop their ideas that will then be drafted, precision machined, and controlled by the latest electronic technologies. Drafting students will then complete their Mechanical Drafting year.

Skills: Advanced Drafting Standards | Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances | Sheet Metal Layout Design | Advanced CADD | Weldments


Architectural Drafting & Design: Students will begin a new direction, focusing on residential Architectural Drafting and Design. The students will be exposed to various fundamentals of residential construction design, selecting appropriate building references. They will develop a set of working construction drawings of a residential home, incorporating Civil Design and Sustainability Technology.

Skills: Intro to Architectural Drafting Standards | Intro to Building Codes and ADA (American Disabilities Act Standards) | Intro to platform framing construction techniques | AutoCAD and Revit CAD Technologies


Advanced Architectural and Mechanical Drafting: Students at the senior level will choose a
concentration in either mechanical or architectural drafting. They will begin developing a capstone project that will display advanced skills during a long term project. For architectural students this would be an urban design project, and for mechanical students it would involve the development of a mechanical device that must be approved by both shop and related instructors.

Skills: Advanced Architectural or Mechanical Drafting | Capstone Project | Advanced CADD | Final Portfolio


Local Employers

Baker Brothers Double E Foxboro Company
Microsonics Stone & Weber Thayer Scale