Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a program of vocational technical education for students who, through a cooperative arrangement between the school and employers, receive instruction, including required academic courses and related vocational instruction, by the alternation of study in school with a job in his or her specific occupational field. Such instruction shall be planned and supervised by the school and the employer so that each contributes to the student’s education and employability. For students at South Shore Technical, work periods and school attendance are on alternating 5 day cycles.


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Evaluation Form
Co-op Time Card (Juniors)
Co-op Timesheet (Employers)


  1. Vocational Technical High School student handbook.
  2. Maintain a grade of B or better in Shop and related.
  3. Maintain academic grades of at least C or better.
  4. Maintain an acceptable disciplinary record as defined in the South Shore Vocational Technical High School student handbook.
  5. Have good attendance – absence during an academic week may not exceed four (4) unexcused days in a trimester.
  6. Pass in to Guidance on a per cycle basis GREEN TIME SLIPS signed by the co-op supervisor within 2 days of returning to academics.


  1. Must be covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance and provide the school with the policy number, effective date, and name of insurance company issuing the policy.
  2. Must conform to the State and Federal Regulations relative to Child Labor.
  3. Must provide work experiences that are productive in nature relative to the student’s vocational/technical shop program.
  4. Must pay wages comparable to those other persons doing similar work in the same establishment.
  5. Must be in compliance with Chapter 622 of the Acts of 1971 and not discriminate in recruitment, hiring, or employment practices on account of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.
  6. Must employ the cooperative students during the weeks when students would normally attend shop. (During the alternate cycles, the student will be present at South Shore Vocational Technical High School attending academic and all related classes.)
  7. Personnel used as instructors must be qualified in the particular trade or occupation being taught.
  8. Must agree to complete employer evaluation at the completion of each work cycle.

The Co-op office must be notified immediately by the employer if:

  • The student is injured on the job.
  • The student does not report to work as scheduled.

South Shore Vocational Technical HS reserves the right to terminate the co-op agreement at any time because of student’s grades, attendance, or discipline matters.

For More Information Please Contact:

Keith Boyle

Vocational Director
781-878-8822 ext 418 |

Paul Bello

Co-op Coordinator
781-878-8822 ext 457 |