College Opportunities

Title image for Quincy College and South Shore Votech Collaboration

The College On My Campus program is a partnership between SSVT and Quincy College that allows the student the opportunity to earn college credits without leaving the SSVT campus. These classes will be offered during the regular school day.


Quincy College credits will be offered in the following SSVT courses in 2017-2018:

SSVT Course Quincy College Credit
English 11 Honors English Composition I
English 12 Honors English Composition I
Pre-Calculus Honors Pre-Calculus
Psychology Honors Psychology
Advanced Biology Honors Biology


  • The courses are taught by SSVT staff that have met the stringent requirements of Quincy College for its professors.
  • The SSVT curriculum has been aligned to and meets the curriculum set forth in the Quincy College course of study.
  • The cost for Quincy College credit for each of these courses in 2016-2017 was $200 per course.
  • Students will earn a South Shore and Quincy College grade for each dual enrollment course they enroll in.
  • South Shore students can take the SSVT course without earning Quincy College credit.
  • During the 2018-2019 school year, English 12 will be equivalent to Quincy College‚Äôs English Composition II.