Adult Education


Stephen Campbell | 781-878-8822 ext. 414
Susan Rossi | 781-878-8822 ext. 417

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Opens Next Year

Fall 2018 Classes Coming Soon, check back in August

Classes are run every Fall and Spring. Classes do not change too much from one session to the next. We do offer new classes. If you would like to see an old brochure, it may give you an estimate of what the times and costs will be. This is NOT a current Brochure.


If school is cancelled or released early due to inclement weather, Adult Ed classes will also be cancelled.

Course Calendar

Refund Policy: You will be notified only if class is not formed. Classes over $900.00 are non-refundable, all other classes can be refunded after first class only. Students attending Adult Education classes must be 18 years or older and must not be currently enrolled in high school.