Social Studies


Program Outline

The goal of the Social Studies Department at SSVT is to engage our students in understanding the history of the world in which we live. In addition, our department teaches history through skill-based learning that emphasizes reading, writing, and critical thinking. The department also incorporates 21st Century Skills including Global Awareness and Economic, Civic, and Environmental Literacy.

Our approach is to teach for greater historical understanding, using a variety of methods to elicit each student’s interpretation and insight in looking at past events. SSVT believes this will help to make graduates more well-rounded, productive, and better grounded in the world we live in today. To create active and more engaged citizens, the department focuses on U.S. History and Modern World History.

If you have any more specific questions, please contact Ms. Glass, the Social Studies Department Head, at or 781-878-8822 x103.


Teachers Dept. Email Room
Gerard Bova Social Studies 101
Brian Chamberlain Social Studies 101
Craig Davis Social Studies 105
Tammie Glass Social Studies Dept. Head 103
Michael Hernon Social Studies 105