English Language Arts

Program Outline

Guided by the Massachusetts Common Core Curriculum, students in the ELA program at SSVT will be instructed in Reading and Literature, Language, Writing, and Speaking and Listening. The emphasis in grades 9 and 10 is an essential skills curriculum which prepares student for success in high school and on state assessments. In grades 11 and 12 the emphasis is on college and career readiness. There is an Honors Program in ELA that begins in grade 9, and culminates in grade 12 with a syllabi and instructional style that models a college classroom.

If you have any more specific questions, please contact Ms. Bourgea, the English Department Head, at tbourgea@ssvotech.org or 781-878-8822 x215.


Teachers Position Email Room
Toni Bourgea English Dept. Head tbourgea@ssvotech.org 115B
Kristin Bateman English kbateman@ssvotech.org 207
Allison Provost English aprovost@ssvotech.org 113
Erin Brennan English ebrennan@ssvotech.org 113
Jay Savage English jsavage@ssvotech.org 115A
Jessica Mandeville English jmandeville@ssvotech.org 119
Lin Ann Hutchinson English lhutchinson@ssvotech.org 119