Vision Statement

The South Shore Regional School District, through its vocational technical high school and adult education program, will serve as the leading educational institution and community resource for all citizens who seek to explore, develop, and enhance career and technical skills and experiences.

Mission Statement

Through rigorous and relevant hands-on instructional experiences, South Shore will develop confident, civic-minded students who achieve ambitious career goals leading to their personal fulfillment, economic independence, and positive impact on their community.

School Goals

In order to fulfill our mission, the SSVT community will use the goals below as a guide to assess our current effectiveness and to plan for the future.

  1. School Climate: Provide our students with a safe and supportive environment that empowers them to develop advanced technical, academic, and social skills for college and career pathways.
  2. Facility: Maintain a clean, safe, environmentally­ and fiscally­conscious facility that meets the needs of the school and community.
  3. Community: Utilize multiple means of communication to engage current and prospective all students, parents, staff, and program advisors.
  4. Curriculum & Instruction: Teach current core content and technical standards to develop students who are college­ and career­pathway ready.
  5. Assessment: Measure and report student achievement and work habits based on technical, vocational, and core content standards, and to use these results to improve instruction.
  6. Transfer Skills: Identify and develop skills that cross all content areas, such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, work ethic, and sense of personal responsibility.
  7. Literacy Practices: Identify and develop strategies to build strong content knowledge by responding to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline in a variety of forms.
  8. Equipment & Technology: Utilize current industry­standard equipment for our vocational technical programs, and current instructional technology tools and resources for all programs.
  9. Student Engagement: Help students develop strong, positive relationships with teachers and peers via co­curricular and extracurricular programs that shape their intellectual, physical, social/emotional development, and work ethic.
  10. Instructional Support: Provide a continuum of support services to help all learners meet their academic and technical goals.
  11. Student Recruitment and Retention: Implement recruitment and retention strategies that lead to sustained full school enrollment, steady student retention, and preparation for college­ and career­pathways.
  12. Staff Recruitment and Retention: Identify, recruit, develop, and support highly qualified administrators, instructors, and support staff dedicated to fulfilling the school’s mission.

Title IX/Ch. 622 Policy/Section 504 Notification

It is the policy of South Shore Vocational Technical High School not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion or a handicap in its education programs, activities, or employment policies as required by Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments and by the Massachusetts State Law Chapter 622 and by the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Inquiries regarding compliance with Title IX and Chapter 622, or Section 504 may be directed to Mr. Mark Aubrey at South Shore Vocational Technical High School, 476 Webster Street, Hanover, MA, 02339. Concerning Title IX and Section 504, inquiries may also be directed to the Director of the Office of Civil Rights, Region I, R.K.O. General Building, Boston, MA, 02114. Concerning Chapter 622, inquiries may be made to the Coordinator of Chapter 622, Dept. of Education, 350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148­5023.